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Baby Saga A conquered people extract revenge on the Saiyan race.

Keyart -baby

A new Parasitic foe

Long ago a race known as the Tuffles were invaded and destroyed by a conquering Saiyan army. Seeing the end of their civilization, the few remaining Tuffles placed the soul of one Tsuful into a seed cast into outer space. Many years later this seed was discovered by Dr. Myuu, a brilliant but power hungry machine mutant. Dr. Myuu wished to use the seed to create the most powerful machine mutant in the galaxy!

Despite the efforts of Goku, Pan, and Trunks to destroy Baby before he fully developed, the powerful machine mutant escapes Dr. Myuu's lab and into a collision course with Earth! Using the bodies of unsuspecting hosts as vessels, Baby absorbs the energy of the host increasing his growth. He also plants a seed in each body that allows him to control the host even after he leaves their bodies behind!

Upon reaching Earth, Baby seeks out Vegeta, the most powerful fighter on the planet. Can Vegeta hold off an enemy so set on revenge? And what kind of world will Goku, Pan, and Trunks discover when they finally return to Earth? With nearly the entire population under his control and in possession of all seven Dragon Balls, Baby's dream of universal domination is at hand!

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