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Shadow Dragon Saga Corruption of the Dragon Balls puts the whole universe in danger.

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The Final Chapter

For years Goku and the Z Fighters have relied upon the power of the Dragon Balls to maintain peace and order throughout the universe.

But the Dragon Balls are changing.

With each wish made on the Dragon Balls, a dark, hidden force gains power by flooding the positive energy in the Dragon Balls with more and more negative energy. As a result of the misuse of the Dragon Balls, seven evil dragons are born each with unique destructive powers!

Feeling responsible for this new threat, Goku sets off with Pan and Giru to confront the Shadow Dragons one by one. Each dragon must be destroyed in order to regain the Dragon Balls and return them to their original state. But the most powerful dragon, Sin, absorbs all seven Dragon Balls, creating the ultimate villainous force! Goku must rally the entire universe in order to save it one final time!

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