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Super 17 Android Saga Two scientist create their greatest creation, and our greatest threat.

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Fallen foes seek revege

After a narrow escape from the wicked parasite, Baby, peace descends upon the Earth once again. But an evil alliance is being born in the depths of Other World as the wicked scientists Doctors Gero and Myuu initiate their final assault on the Saiyans and planet Earth. Combining their twisted geniuses, they create a gateway connecting Earth with Other World allowing a throng of villains to flood the peaceful planet. Once again panic reigns as former adversaries such as Cell, Frieza, General Rilldo, and others take one last shot at those that destroyed them!

But the madness of Gero and Myuu does not stop there! Using every ounce of their twisted brilliance they create the most powerful android to date, the awesome Super 17! With Goku trapped in Other World and the Z Fighters battered and broken before the might of Super 17, Earth's call for a hero has never been so desperate!

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